Q and A: doing chores in freezing weather and frozen strawberries — 7 Comments

  1. Rick and arm2008,

    Okay, we’ll be offering affordable seeds that are not so cheap that we decide to quit. But they will be fairly priced. It gripes me to see seeds costing $5.99 for 10 seeds, plus shipping and handling. What a rip-off! We can do better with our family (all of you!) and our tiny, tiny fledgling seed business.

  2. Reiterating what Rick said – don’t make your seed prices cheap, make them fair. Fair to you and fair to us. The seeds and your time have value and too low a price acts to diminish the value.

  3. Jackie, One more thing DON”T make your prices too cheap that you cheat yourself… is only fair for you to make a profit. Your time, work to raise the plants then to harvest, store and test seed for germination, then package it for shipment and so on must be considered….. all of this takes time from your regularly scheduled work…. My point is that “the laborer is worthy of his wages” as the Book says…. Thanks!!!! Rick

  4. Jackie, I too have been waiting for an announcement about seeds….I hope you will use a P.O. Box where we can direct mail a request to you…even if it is not your real mailing address or even in your home town for your personal mail. (I can understand that you may not want 40,000 fans having your real mailing address)…I just am not excited about directing my request through the magazine, but will do so if necessary….Rick

  5. Diana,

    We’ll let you and others know when we’ll begin selling seeds. It should be pretty soon. We’re working out details right now. We want to make our seeds available as cheap as possible for readers.

  6. Becky, you could use regular or Jackie’s suggestion for strawberry preserves in a small to mediium size filled scone (to be sliced when it is used). A filled scone wrapped in plastic cling wrap can be mailed if padded in bubble wrap and on a homemade cardboard base. You could also put the preserves in a yeast or baking powder rolled filled coffee ring, which will also ship wraped in plastic cling wrap. Both should be opened when they arrive and put in the refrigerator if not eaten immediately.

  7. Will you advertise your seeds here when they’re available? I would be interested in buying some. :)