Nothing like home-raised chicken — 8 Comments

  1. All,

    That photo makes MY mouth water, remembering how good those chickens tasted!!! Now they’re all canned up and I’m getting ready to do more. Homesteading is great! We are totally happy and eat like kings. Probably better than kings because we also have the satisfaction of growing our own food. Life is good. Thank you God!!

  2. Alecia,

    Sure, I’ll take photos. I just roast the pork loin, then cut it into either chunks, slices or make pulled pork and can using the pan drippings mixed with water as a broth. Yummmm and so easy too.

    No, city water isn’t much of an issue unless it either tastes horid or else you are making pickles. Some city water contains chemicals that make pickles darken or soften. Other doesn’t. You just need to experiment with a small batch to find out.

  3. Oh lawsy Jackie, never in my life have I produced a roast chicken that looked like that. It’s a work of art. Beautiful. If you ever decide to sell calendars, that photo should be included. Everything you do is just top class. The French are such snobs about their roast chicken, but no restaurant could come close. Lucky family you have there. Nobody gets food like that at my house. lol

  4. Alecia- I use city water all the time when I can and don’t have any problems except I do use bottled water for pickles, in Jackie’s canning book she suggests it if your water has a high mineral content.

  5. Great post and beautiful photo, JC…no matter how depressing things may seem in the world around us, I know a visit to your blog will always lift the spirit!


  6. I have a pork loin curing to make canadian bacon right now. I thought I was getting a good deal at $2.99/lb :)

  7. Please post pictures and details when you can the pork loins, it helps so much to see the pictures as you can, especially meat. The first time I canned meat I was quite surprised when I removed the jars from the pressure canner. The meat did not look at all as I thought it should. Thank you for being so detail oriented.

    I would also like to know your thoughts about using city water when canning, we moved and no longer have well water. Is this a concern when canning?

    Thank you,