We’re into the “gettin’ ready for winter” mode — 7 Comments

  1. I am so excited for yall getting a new fridge!! Im sure it truly is a God send. Its hard to believe that they make campers that it would fit in, it is huge!

  2. Looking at that stack of wood, and knowing more like it is coming, WHY would anyone waste that many hours of usable fuel needed for heating and cooking? It boggles the mind what other folks find useless. I LOVE the new fridge, and before I saw your comment I, too, was thinking how well it will match your woodwork. Bless your sons!

  3. Katherine and Diana,

    I’m really, really happy with the new fridge and think it’s awesome, fitting right in with all the wood in our kitchen. I can’t wait until it gets up and running!!

  4. Wow – the new refrigerator is awesome! I used to live off the grid and the white one looks like what we had. You must feel like you’ve died and gone to refrigerator heaven! :)

  5. One lucky mama, you deserve it. Thank you for being there for me so many, many times. I so look forward to all your articles.