It’s time to go through our storage bins in the root cellar — 7 Comments

  1. Cindy Hills,

    You can buy Dakota Pearl potatoes where I get ours, at Homestead Mills, in Cook, MN. Their e-mail is I just talked to the owner and Keith said he’d be happy to mail them to you. So just e-mail him and he can figure out shipping. The price is very reasonable!!

  2. Betsy,

    We have never had any sort of bugs in our onions or potatoes. The potatoes are always covered, mostly to keep out light. We don’t have any mice in the house because our wonderful cat, Mittens, is a GREAT hunter. Usually rodents won’t chew through the plastic totes but they could. If this is a problem, you can use large hard-sided coolers or metal containers with lids. You have to watch humidity, especially with potatoes in containers. Sometimes I have to lift the lid a bit in the early winter as beads of moisture from condensation form on the under side of the lid. Just cracking the lid for a couple of days stops that.

  3. Jackie,
    those are beautiful onion and potatoes. I love reading all your post and seeing the pictures of yours and Will’s homestead.


  4. Hello, Snowy spring greetings!! It looks like I’m going to have to learn something new. I now have a dehydrator but have no idea of how to use it. How do I dehydrate onions? The dehydrated onion and onion powder sounds very good and useful!

    I too am busy starting seeds and starting spring cleaning. We just had a huge dumping of snow so what better excuse to use to clean!!

    Have a Happy Easter!!

  5. Jackie,
    How do you keep critters-mice, bugs, etc out of your onions, potatoes and other items you store? We have a walk in crawl space and would love to store items, but I’m concerned about rodents and humidity. I’m in northeast Alabama so we have heat and high humidity. Thanks for your help.
    Scottsboro, Alabama