Wow! A new variety of squash! — 15 Comments

  1. Miss Jackie, I also am very pleased for you all to have gotten out of those extreme minus temps. The New squash looks lovely and if tastes great too what a blessing! I too hope your cattle goats and other stock are safely inside if the wolves are prowling so near your homestead. I love the idea of bears, cougars and wolves once again the Wild, but really don’t want them near enough to endanger my place. We see bears and coyotes pretty often and have occasionally seen a cougar. No wolves!
    Blessings Rick

    • We have wolves all the time on our homestead. But so far they haven’t caused any damage in 13 years. Of course that’s always a possibility but when you move into their territory, you take a few chances.
      We’re really glad to have gotten higher temps, too. But I hear East of us was pretty horrible. I hope you escaped that.

  2. Jackie,
    I also went to order North Morning Moon and could not find it, also could not find any prices anywheres……….let me know as I want to order soon before the squash is sold out…..
    Liz in Maine

    • I just added North Morning Moon to our website. While Dara did give me seeds, I don’t have so many I could feel comfortable adding them to our catalog. So they’re on the website, on a limited basis until we’re sold down; we have to have enough to plant, come spring!

  3. Glad you’re getting a break from the awful cold! Love the squash and the wolf visit story. Thanks for the update!

  4. Oh that new squash looks so good. I will have to try it. Where does your son live in Alaska? I was raised in Ketchikan in southeastern, it is an island. Have family there and in Anchorage. Planning a vacation there this summer. Last time I visited, abt 2 years ago, I noticed so many people had small green houses. It never gets warm enough in southeast Alaska to raise peppers, tomatoes, etc. cool weather crops do great. Glad it has warmed up for you. We are finally getting some rain in the valley and mountain snow…we need the snow pack, it is so low for this time of year.

    • Don lives in Ketchikan. So we’re always bantering back and forth about his “tropical” weather.

  5. How would one get seed for this new squah…looks yummy. I have so enjoys your “letters” over the years and your books, just wanted to take this chance to tell you have been an inspiration to us for ages.

  6. Hey Jackie, Love that North Morning Moon! I don’t see it in your catalog? How do we purchase some seed? Thanks, Bunkie.

    • I just added it to our website, for sale on a limited basis, till sold out.

  7. I don’t recall having read anywhere how you protect your livestock from wolves. That must be quite a challenge.

    • It hasn’t been much of a challenge. Our goats and poultry are inside good fences and shut inside at night when the wolves are roaming the most. We have a mule, Domino, who pastures with our horses and cattle. She absolutely HATES anything canine and would eat wolves alive. Really! She’ll run top speed across the pasture to bite and tromp canines and almost killed Spencer. Luckily, Hondo ran between them and lured her off. She can’t run fast enough to catch Hondo. We were really scared, though.

  8. Beautiful! I’m going to order some of those North Morning Moon seeds. I found a paper plate with Hopi Grey seeds on top of the fridge where I put them to dry 2 years ago :-( Checked germination on them, and it was almost 90% after all that abuse!

    Glad you’ve got a mini-heat wave going on. Amazing how warm even single positive digit temperatures feel after double digit negatives!

    • Hopi Pale Greys are SUCH tenacious squash. I first realized how long they would store when, after two years, I found two under my bed. (Shows you how often I clean, doesn’t it???) They were perfect.

      We’re SO enjoying this warm-up but know it won’t last. But it did give us a break and perked up our spirits.