Winter’s back in the saddle again — 13 Comments

  1. Yes Mom and Dad we are crazy warm here today southeastern Alaska at a warm 52. Anybody that lives in Ketchikan,knows we will pay in the way of liquid sunshine got 152 inches last year.

  2. Wintery here in TN, too. We’ve got a light dusting of snow and some ice. It was in the 60’s yesterday!!

    Loved hearing about Hondo. I also thing they are much more aware than most people give them credit for.

    Always enjoy hearing about your life and family. Yall be careful!

    • Thank you Jackie for the story with Hondo, yes dogs understand a lot and are full of love.

  3. Here in Iowa, we only got 1-2 inches,but lots of wind yesterday. I can’t watch those commercials,breaks my heart! Saw so many of the dogs chained up. Outside like that in Mo., just too close to home!

  4. Winter is certainly back! We had our January thaw his week and it was almost 50 this morning. Then, the cold front moved in today and temps dropped like a rock. We have had ice and snow and the temps are to be below zero tonight. Oh well, at least we don’t have – 30 degrees. Hope you all stay warm and snug.

  5. I also look forward to seeing your blog pop up!i read about everything ya’ll do in those subfreezing temps and i am just amazed! While we sit here in West Coast Central Fl and we are just dreading going back to freezing this weekend! We are such weinies! Sent from an admirer of your family!

    • Over here on the Alabama coast. I love this blog also and I am pretty sure I couldn’t do all the things Jackie does to survive a winter like that. Just remembering to cover my faucets and little citrus trees are hard enough.

  6. We look forward to each email as well as anything else you write! We have followed you so long you feel like part of the family and we miss you when nothing appears. My husband always comments about “Jackie s weather “ each night when we watch news and weather. Looking forward to spring and gardening info. Take care in all that snow and bitter cold!

  7. I love your blogs also ! Here in Ca we do not get snow normally but it has been so cold, comparatively, I have to count my blessings every time I read and see pics of your homestead

  8. Jackie,
    I love your blog too, I rarely follow any blogs as I don’t have much free time myself here in Maine……but I always open yours……we love the snow so hopefully that snow will move East!
    Keep Warm!

  9. Jackie, I just LOVE hearing about what goes on at your homestead. I look forward to each and every blog. Please keep them coming. I’m always watching and waiting for the next one. Wish there was a new one everyday! Happy Winter!!

  10. Sorry to hear about the weather. We’re having a January thaw here 50 degrees today and close to 60 degrees tomorrow. Then rain ice and snow starting tomorrow night. I hope we don’t get as much as you are getting but there is a lot of winter to go. We are enjoying the weather and making sure we are ready for whatever comes out way.
    Our dog Scooter also watched tv and tries to talk to the animals he sees. Dogs are smarter than we realize. Take care.