Frosty is doing very well — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for the update on Frosty! I have your book Growing and Canning Your Own Food and I’m finally learning to can!!

  2. Glad to hear that Frosty is doing well. Getting snow through all of this week here in Michigan, which has made the 65 mile work commute agony. But spring is on the way. I can just picture that garden field in your photo full of wonderful growing foods. Thank you for the update Jackie!

  3. So glad Frosty is doing well, many years ago I lived on a cattle ranch in eastern Colorado, many times we had a newborn calf in the kitchen to warm up. Good memories. Got my greenhouse cleaned out and set up all the containers, so I am ready to start seeds soon. We are having unusually warm weather, and very little snow, so it will probably freeze as soon as the fruit trees bloom…Thanks for the reminder, I need to can up some more beans. Love having them in the pantry.

  4. We are getting a little snow here tonight. We have been so dry and any moisture is a blessing. I also love to have beans canned up. They are so handy and much better than any I could buy. The calf is beautiful! Take care and stay warm!

  5. Go Frosty!😀 Found a Great deal on a ham today and got my ‘Jackie’ books out to get things canned up. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge….you sure have helped improve our lives. Love you. Becky.

  6. Hi Jackie, just received your beautiful seed catalogue, enjoying it very much. Will be ordering soon..Take care..Barbara from Canada

  7. Another delightful post, thankyou Jackie,
    our weather here, down under, has been very warm. My tomatoes are just beginning to ripen and when you mention spring I feel a little nervous as winter seems not too far away and there is still so much to do. So glad your little calf is doing well. I find it difficult to imagine living in a country where snow is normal in winter as I have only seen snow once or twice and it melted as soon as it landed. Love your posts and look forward to them with anticipation, cheers, sue