Our beautiful weather continues — 14 Comments

  1. Miss Jackie, You said the newest Jess Hazzard volume will bring some surprises. Twists and unexpected turns are great! But please never let Jess become a bonafide villain. Let some crazy lowlife fill that bill.
    Jess is my buddy, Zane Grey and L’Amour called em pards!!!! I sincerely look forward to another great read. Rick

    • Oh my! Jess will never become a villain or even a “dirty Harry” type. These surprises will be much less of a surprise as that! Heck, Jess is family.

  2. This past weekend, my husband moved the 10 chickens out of our greenhouse into their summer home and tilled the ground. Since the ground was already warm, with it getting to 90 degrees inside, I planted the tomatoes and peppers. Had to put frost covers on in the evening as it still gets into the 30’s here in Duluth, MN but so excited to be planting.
    So glad all your animal babies are born now and all went well. It is nice to have help to get those big projects accomplished. Take care.

    • Yep, we’re getting ready to start planting. First the peas and onions, than we start in on peppers in the hoop house and tomatoes (protected by Wall’O Waters of course) in the main garden. Whew, it takes me an hour and half just to water all those plants inside, nearly every morning. I’ll be glad to thin them out a bit!

  3. What author name do you use for your fiction works? I tried to search under Clay-Atkinson, but did not turn up your fiction. You may have said this before, probably did(!), but I can’t remember. I would like to read them!

    • I just use Jackie Clay, as that’s the name most folks recognize me as. When Will and I got married, I decided to do the hyphenated Clay-Atkinson to make it easier for folks to follow me but I do know it gets confusing at times. Sorry about that. You can find the books on my website, or through my publisher, Mason Marshall Press. Or go to Amazon and check out the Jess Hazzard series under my name.

  4. We made it up to 50 today. We have huge puddles all over and still can’t walk on th garden. Been prepping hoop house beds. It was 26 last night. I sttarted squash plants today and plan to start my bean plants next week. We transplant our green beans through IRT plastic mulch into a bed in the hoop house. It’s the only was to dependally get beans here. Glad you’re making progress.

    • We are too. I’m going to start some of my beans, especially limas, which scarcely ever make it to seed here, inside. We’re getting rain and it cooled down a lot. In the low thirties tonight and tomorrow night. So it’s not really spring, yet.

    • I hate you! Heck, I can’t even PLANT my potatoes yet. (Smile!)

  5. Here in Iowa, we are also having wonderful weather, but our standard amount of chance of tornado weather, with hail possibilities. What a wonderful relief to open windows and the bugs are not even out yet! Yaaa!!

    • I sure don’t look forward to hail; the bane of the gardener, for sure. Yep, I sleep with my windows open every night. I love to hear the frogs and owls.

  6. My daughters and I can’t wait for the next book!!
    Love your stories 🌼

    • Thank you. I hope you like the newest Jess Hazzard book, Spring of the Vultures. It’ll bring some surprises.