We’ve been busy little bunnies — 16 Comments

  1. Jackie,
    This is our second year of growing Provider beans from you. Sunday I already canned 12 pints!!
    It lives up to its name for sure!!

  2. Jackie–We just harvested our first Provider beans after 47 days. This is the first time we have grown them and we are very pleased. They are very tasty and tender.

    Have been reading about pigweed quite a bit in our area in the mid-Atlantic. Authorities are warning about pigweed and how photo toxic it can be. Several people have reported getting serious burns from it. Is that the same pigweed?

  3. I also didn’t know pigweed was edible, looked it up to be sure of picking the right thing. I eat dandelion greens and purslane, will try radish tops. Always something to learn here.

    • It’s very edible. I’ve eaten some “edible” wilds which may be edible but sure weren’t good, in my opinion. But red rooted pigweed is excellent!

  4. I always freeze my pigweed. I love the cooked greens with salt and butter and a little vinegar. Is your version of pigweed the same as amaranth? A favourite. of mine is lamb’s quarters. There’s also wild mustard greens which I consider the best AND I’ve discovered that cooked radish greens are just as good as the mustard greens. I often think to can any of the above but I think the water bath will take too long. I guess I could get the canning lifter and pressure can. Do you pressure can or do water bath when you can your greens? Lou

    • Yes, our pigweed is a species of amaranth and the seeds have been harvested by Native Americans for centuries. We love lamb’s quarters too! NEVER waterbath can greens. It’s very dangerous because of the possibility of canning up botulism. Always pressure can greens.

  5. Pigweed. Pigweed ? Holy smokes didn,t know you could eat it. I think we have the worlds supply cornered !!!

    • Heck, in New Mexico, I gardened in the old ranch barnyard and the pigweed grew so big so fast we had to cut it off with a chainsaw. No, I’m NOT exaggerating. I love having “weeds” which grow better than my garden crops. (But somehow that’s just not right!)

  6. Hi Jackie, So how do you cook up pig weed? Have had dandelion and nettle, but pig weed new one on me.

  7. Glad to hear things are going along fine. Can’t wait to see the bull. I know you will take pictures. The tomato war continues here. Canned all l need and now l give the extra to my neighbors and friends. I say l won’t plant that much next year but l know l will.

    • I always say that but I always DO plant more. I guess I’m just an addict! But I always think up new tomato recipes to can….

  8. I’m not sure if this is the place to ask questions or not. But I would like to know how you can a small quantity like your two pints of beans that have to be pressure canned. My canner holds seven quarts so it seems wasteful to use it for that much less than a canner full. Thanks.

    • Pigweed (Red Rooted Pigweed) is a species of wild amaranth. I’ll post photos on my next blog for you.

  9. Just finished Spring of the vultures and I couldn’t put it down. What a great read and can’t wait for more loved it