Jackie Clay’s hot date — 8 Comments

  1. Jackie,
    I just googled your book title and this post came up. I am so happy to FINALLY know about how you and your Will met. What fun.
    Now I know the beginning and where you are now.
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. Sure wish I could have bumped into you while you were at Ruby Street’s one of my favorite places..been there dozens of times. I have followed your Starting Over series and even before that…always being encouraged to reach for that next goal on our humble homestead north of Spokane, in spite of circumstances that can knock the wind out of our sails at times. Kinda wondered what part of WA that your sweet fella hailed we know! God Bless!

  3. Ohmigod! You found a guy who loves lima beans?!! Now THERE’s a keeper! My Rob’s almost perfect, but, well, he HATES lima beans. Speaking of which, I saw a great tip in an ad for Cook’s Illustrated’s latest cookbook on cooking light–they suggested substituting 2/3 lima beans for the avocado in guacamole to reduce the calories while maintaining great flavor. I myself think replacing the avocados with ALL lima beans would yield a delicious dip, and am going to try it soon, though alas, I doubt I can persuade Rob to try it. I’ve never read Cook’s Illustrated, but I love their sister magazine, Cook’s Country–it’s my favorite magazine after Backwoods Home! Highly recommended. As for your family objecting to your dating adventures, harrumph! It’s not like your heart and hopes die when you pass 30, or 40, or 50, or 60–or ever! I was at my local Curves a couple of months ago and overheard two ladies who were clearly in their 80s swapping dating stories and giggling like girls. I say, go for it!!!

  4. Thanks for the support guys. It isn’t easy dating when you’re over 60. Some of my family is upset with the whole deal so having friends and BHM family out there who root us on really means a lot right now. Will is a great guy; it isn’t often you find someone on your own wave length. I’ve had men who wanted to “save” me from the lifestyle I love, where Will only wants to be a part of it. We laugh a lot, plan nearly as much and joust over lima beans. I feel awfully lucky.

  5. Oh, my goodness, you made here to Spokane! And except for the flu sounds like you had a great meet. I’ve been by the ironworks shop, but have never stopped. Looks like a great place. Hope you can come out again and see more of the wonderful countryside.

  6. For saltpeter, you could substitute sodium nitrite, often called pink salt or curing salt.

    PS: You go girl! He’s a cutie

  7. Congratulations, Jackie! He looks like a great guy, and handsome, too! More importantly, you always seem to post about others – it’s good to see you taking time for yourself! Good Luck!