It’s back to normal after the romantic weekend (Sigh…..) — 6 Comments

  1. Hello, I read your response ordering manchurian bush apricots from somewhere other than Gurney’s and them doing much better. Where did you order them from.
    I live in Indiana and hear that stone fruit is not so easy to grow here organically. So I thought I might give these a try as they are advertized as carefree.
    Also, what about native plum trees that Gurney’s sells. Have you ahd any experience with them? And where is the best place to order them from.
    Finally, will these help pollinate eachother, or do I still want two of each to increase production.

  2. Good plan, Jackie (re: peaches and lemon)! Your great-grandma must have grown a Meyer lemon, with those huge fruits. I’m trying to grow a lime and a pink lemon (which has beautiful white-variegated leaves) in my greenhouse, and am happy to say they’re still alive after a year. Usually scale is murder on any citrus I grow, but I put these out on the deck for the growing season and maybe somebody helped me out and ate any potential pests. I hope so, anyway! The lime even had a few fruits. Can’t wait to see/taste the pink lemons!–Elly

  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys! Yep, I think David & Will are going to hit it off great; they have so many of the same interests, along with the wonderfully quirky sense of humor that is oh so necessary living our lifestyle. Karin; yes I’ve had good luck with Manchurian bush apricots although only one out of three from Gurneys lived last spring; I’ve bought them elsewhere and had much better luck. The apricots are small, but the shrub is pretty, especially in the spring when it flowers and when you live in zone 3 you are glad to have ANY good fruit!!!

    Elly, I do have a Reliance peach on order, which we’ll plant east of our porch/entryway this spring. Hopefully the house will block that killer west wind and we’ll get to enjoy real peaches. As an extra backup, I’ve also ordered a dwarf tub peach for in the greenhouse, as well as a lemon. My great grandmother grew a lemon inside and it had huge lemons on it all year around. That’d be cool!

  4. Have you had much luck with the Manchurian bush apricots? We are planning on planting a couple in memory of a family member this spring, but the reviews at Gurneys were lousy. Any thoughts? And lots of luck with Will, looks like a good guy to have around! Keep up all the wonderful writing and sharing of information, you’re the greatest!

  5. Hope Will makes it to your place soon. Maybe he can lend a helping hand in some ways with your new place! Such a handsome, nice looking man. Bet he really likes David and Spencer! Plus, your mom! Good luck. Spring is in the air in Texas. The weather service is promoting the “storm” (meaning tornado) seminars being held all over the state. Good luck with everything in your life! Iris in Dallas

  6. Wow, Jackie, you put me to shame! Here I am in Zone 6 and I haven’t even ordered my fruit trees yet (this year I’m planning to try dwarf sweet cherries and hardy pecans–again, sigh–and maybe a Greengage plum). I commend Elwyn Meader’s Reliance peach to you if you don’t grow it–it’s marvelous, and I think he was in New Hampshire, so it should be hardy for you. Glad you’re getting those dratted aphids under control! I have a water garden in my greenhouse, and the aphids absolutely love water-garden plants, but of course I can’t even use pepper spray on them because it would kill the goldfish. Instead, I get ladybugs, which are pricey but do the trick. (But then there are whiteflies… ugh!) I also bring my earthworm composter into the greenhouse for the winter. It’s great–the worms keep on eating kitchen scraps (whatever I can spare from the chickens, anyway) all winter and I have wonderful earthworm compost for the greenhouse beds come spring.