De ja vu! We got hit again with a blizzard — 3 Comments

  1. Right now we have four golf cart batteries, charged by a generator. We run the genarator now about 3 hours per day and have very seldom run out of power, including use of power saws, the computer for a couple of hours, CF lights, etc. It’s a definite savings. but we still want to add our two solar panels, then couple several more with them, as we can afford it.

  2. Hi Jackie
    Over here on the “south shore of Lake Superior” we got 18″ of the white stuff plus drifting from the 50 mile an hour winds. Yuck
    Anway, just wanted to know what type of batteries do you use for your power? I am in the process of adding battery back up with a generator for electric and solar for my hot water. Would love to be off the grid completely tho.
    Thanks, Nancy
    Washburn, WI

  3. Hey Jackie, I don’t have a question I just wanted to say I think you are awesome. It’s amazing what you do in a day and how hard you work. You are totally inspiring to me. I took my last BHM to work and was showing one of my friends your article on canning “convenience” foods. She was as excited as I was. We promptly ordered two of the Backwoods Home cookbooks and she copied your recipes. We’re both excited to can some baked beans and pork and beans.
    Again, thanks for sharing your life with us!