The corn that nearly froze is getting ripe! — 2 Comments

  1. Lyn,

    My corn this year was Kandy Korn, Bodacious and Quickie. The corn in the picture was Kandy Korn. It’s kind of late, but seems to do okay here in most years.

    To get it ready to can, I just shuck it, cut it off the cob, pack it into jars, add a tsp of salt and pour boiling water over it. It’s then sealed and pressure canned for 55 minutes for pints. That’s it. Easy and quick. I got 8 pints and a half out of two baskets of corn. Now if the rest will continue ripening!!!!!


  2. Jackie- I hope you are feeling better!
    Your corn looks beautiful! I’d been wondering how the corn freeze turned out! I wish I could pluck an ear from you cart right through tha computer screen! LOL! What variety did you plant- it is so large- mine seldom get that big. I hope you will talk more about what you do to get the corn ready for canning – I haven’t tackled that veggie yet! I never seem to have enough to make canning it worthwhile!