We are now enjoying fresh goat milk again — 3 Comments

  1. We have a chance to get a very young jersy cow that was bred to young and so will be small. I want her so bad but we travel all summer with the almonds and so either won’t get her or will have to find some one to mild while we are gone. I would rather do that as some one else could use the milk also because it will be to much for a family of only three now. We will see.

  2. In response to personal garbage dump;

    Most of the old homesteads just dug a big hole and dumped the little garbage they had and buried it when full. Quite a bit of stuff would go down the Privy as well, or even into old dry-wells once the water was gone. I’ve been on lots of old homesteads and in old town-sites where the former residents were very much not ecologically minded and just dumped their trash a few feet from the door, or in the back alley.

  3. Love your blog Jackie! Glad you are getting goat milk again. We have had a disappointing year in the garden as well. Glad I have lots left over from my canning adventures last year. Hopefully things will perk up here too.

    Keep your pictures and wisdom coming! I love it.