Finally, after a week of cold rain, the sun comes out — 4 Comments

  1. Jackie, Just wanted you to know how very much I enjoy your blogs, your writings and the pictures, I spread the news about Buffy, you see I’m 86 years old,and my fingers don’t always do what I tell them to do, I did’nt get a computer until I was 82,so don’t know a great deal about them, but I haved lived through a depression and I know a bit about being frugal,havent seen anything about saving the apple and peach peelings, my mother cooked and canned them and made fried pies, I still do, and my boys love ’em,—You are a wise and wonderful person, keep up the good work, I am still learning, perserveing, pickleing, drying, and canning. Have an upraised garden, also a spot about 3 foot wide and about the length of a car along side my carport(live in city limits) have veggies in containers also, I tell my friends, well I’ll see what Jackie says!

  2. Lyn,

    Yes, I removed the barrel part of the dryer and everything else but for the box housing. I then screwed on a few pieces of angle iron and layed several steel rods across them from which my meat and fish was hung. It worked great and the cost was zero, which I always love.


  3. Yikes! I feel woosie just LOOKING at Will perched atop that ladder! Your building sure is looking great!

    Your “smoker” has me intriguied… was the barrel removed from the interior of the dryer? Can you please tell us more about how you did it?

    As always thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge! I always appreciate it.

    Oh, I almost forgot- I grew some Kandy Korn variety of corn this year and the first picking is nothing short of tasty and wonderful! Thanks for the recommendation! Great corn! I beleive it will be a “regular” in the garden from now on!