We have a new buck! — 11 Comments

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We are hoping for a wonderful year for you. I think Elly is right, Beau would be a great name for your new man in the herd.

  2. Jackie,

    I’m so glad I started getting your blog feed. Now I don’t miss a single entry and am able to follow all of your updates. You are so thorough! Everything from progress on various projects to the status of your goats and the difference handling makes in donkeys! I’m wondering how you find time to actually DO it all AND write it down. What a generous wealth of information you are. Thanks for all of the hard work.

  3. Happy Birthday, Jackie. I have not used the ceramic laundry disks, but do remember reading somewhere in the last few years an article by someone who tried them. I’d wondered about them myself, so read the article avidly. The person who wrote the article said that she had less and less success each time she used the disks. She came to the conclusion that the laundry was being cleaned with residual detergent left behind in the fabric, and that as she continued using the disk, of course, there was a diminishing amount of detergent left in the fabric, until there was nothing left. At that point, her laundry wasn’t truly coming clean at all. With all the true dirtiness generated on our clothes, rags, etc., on our little farm, I certainly will continue to wash the laundry with detergent!

  4. He’s a handsome devil. LOL! A birthday present you can enjoy everyday – and with dividends too; what a gift!

  5. Happy Birthday Jackie…. What a great present you got this year. He’s very handsome and I love his beard. I’m hoping for your book to be ready for my birthday in September…. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday, Jackie! That is one nice looking goat you have!

    Wanted to share a wonderful place to buy bulk canning lids!!
    I found this place by way of the food storage group at yahoo. Its called Dutchman’s Store. They have no website (pretty sure they are Amish). They sell 345 regular canning lids for $34.95 and 288 wide mouth lids for $35.95. Plus shipping. My shipping charge was $15.00 (west central Ohio). That’s better priced than what I can buy them for locally. This is the first place I have come across that sells them in bulk. I can’t verify the quality(haven’t used them yet), but plenty of the gals on the food storage group like them.
    They take phone orders and can take credit cards or they will wait for your check to clear. I sent a check and they were here quickly.
    Here is their info for anyone interested:

    Dutchman’s Store
    103 Division St.
    Cantril, IA 52542

    phone 319-397-2322
    fax 319-397-2370

    These were the prices I paid in April, so I can’t say for sure that they are still the same.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  7. Happy birthday Jackie! I think you definitely have a great year ahead! What’s your buck’s name? If he doesn’t have one, I think Beau would certainly be appropriate!

  8. For the reader with the hot gas stove.
    sounds as if she has a stove setup for natural gas
    and is using propane gas the jets are different
    for each, natural gas having a bigger hole.

  9. He is one GORGEOUS buck! Hope he becomes the proud daddy to many goaties!

    And Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Jackie! What a great present for you. It was my daughter’s 18th birthday yesterday too. Great people born on the 22nd.

    Love your blog and all the helpful suggestions!