The summer with no summer — 4 Comments

  1. My children think my life is boring also and I tend to agree with them tho I went from michigan to nebraska in a covered wagon and hitch hiked to alaska from michigan twice. I also went on a motorcycle once. Several long distance motorcycle trips and two long distance horse back trips and a trip to Israel. I drove semi for 6 years and spent time in the army. But I want to do what you do, not the writing, just the living. That is my goal now. The rest is past and this is my future. That is why they think I am boring. But they enjoy the food from the garden and the canning shelf.

  2. We are having a cool July but that is nice in Mississippi this time of year. BUT, we are having the wettest July on record. At our house, since July 16, we have had 10 1/2″ of rain including the 2 we got today. Fortunately, my garden is on a hillside.

    Your corn looks good.

  3. Your garden looks tidy and corn like some of mine. However, the Hopi
    squash is looking good–at least alive! As far as challenges to the garden, for the first year ever, I have had to spray my tomatoes. Due to the blight all around in the northeast affecting tomatoes and potentially potatoes (and affecting some great farmstands), this is a fight I hope to win. I need those tomatoes this year–only have 7 quarts left from last year. I must thank you–you are an informative and inspiring lady that brought an interest in gardening and fresh food back to life and a challenge to keep that grocery bill down.

  4. Great post! I loved the question and answer section. We too are having a coolish summer and I hate the fact that August is this weekend. I’m not sure all my “crops” will make it. I have a small garden as I live in the city, but have raised beds and plant intensively. My cabbages are far behind yours, but we have enjoyed strawberries, onions and cukes. Nothing is better than home grown produce.