With unseasonable springtime weather, we’re hard at work — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jackie – Sorry about my silly comment as to where to find dehydrated elderberries. Found them online at and already have mine soaking in the vodka. Thank you again for all of your wonderful suggestions.

    Cheers – Wanda

  2. Hi Jackie,
    At the very end of our growing season here in the Phoenix area (July), I found Kerr canning lids in the 12-pack at Lowe’s for 89 cents for small and $1.09 for large. I was thrilled and bought up the entire leftover supply (25+ boxes)! Other readers might try looking at their local home improvement stores just past the end of growing season. Our local dollar stores don’t seem to carry canning lids, but I’m going to continue trying.

  3. Hi Jackie, about the canning lids at Lehman’s, I was going to get them since the price was somewhat better than I can get here, even with shipping costs. But then I read closer and it said “imported”. From where? Who knows?

    Since I need to have a comment, here it is: I really enjoy your blog, wouldn’t miss an “episode”, and you are a great example to all of us wannabes.

  4. This winter I found regular canning lids for $0.40/doz at Wal-Mart so I bought several hundred (cases). This morning they were in the really cheap close out isle for $020/doz. It seems kind of nuts to be closing out something that doesn’t go bad just at the beginning of garden season but it was my gain.

    It might be a good idea to check this out.