A bulldozer is a wonderful thing…when it doesn’t break down — 7 Comments

  1. I second the recommend on dehydrating celery. It works wonderfully and maintains the flavor. I often dehydrate the leafy tops from store bought celery and keep those handy. Toss / crinkle some in soups / stews / chowders etc. A bit of dry celery leaf adds amazing celery flavor even if you don’t have any celery handy…. I must admit to even taking it on backpacking trips to add to trail meals. its light and adds a flavor wallop to otherwise boring ‘add water’ type foods.

  2. May I suggest that Ron try dehydrating celery instead of freezing it. It can be used in soups, stews and casseroles, and takes up much less space in storage. It can be dried in an oven if he doesn’t have a dehydrator.

    The dried celery can also be pulverized into a powder by a food blender, and be used in place of salt for those on low-salt diets. (That idea was obtained from “Mary Bell’s Complete Dehydrator Book”.) It really is delicious on a number of different foods, including scrambled eggs and corn on the cob.

  3. Dear Jackie, I was brought up on JD1010s we still have 5 of them a Quick tidbit on tracks get 4 or 5 1/4 inch chains with a hook on 1 end about 18 20 in long get your track on front line up on rear take little chains put through hole in sprocket and in link of track run ahead slow put another small chain on next link until the first chain comes to top unhook that chain and continue if your grease release is stuck it will let go with this pressure in no time the track will pop on good luck!

  4. Your future pond sounds gorgeous, Jackie! And that photo of your house from the pond looks spectacular. After all your hard work, you have a house that anyone would be thrilled to own. Congratulations!!!

  5. Carmen,
    I grew celery last year for the first time, everyone thought I was nuts as I don’t know anyone around where I live that has ever thought to grow it. I canned most of it in those tiny, cute little quarter pint jars and some in pint jars as well. I only use it maybe for potato soup and casseroles. Love having it so handy and easy to use. I would buy a stalk at the store and end up throwing half of it out. Thanks Jackie for giving me the idea of growing and canning my own!

  6. I have been freezing celery for many years to use in casseroles and stuffing. I take my cutting board and knife to the garden and chop up lots of celery with leaves and put it in freezer bags. It’s nice to be able to be as messy as I want right in the garden, and usually the celery is clean enough to not need washing…it’s just nice clean dirt anyway. I find I don not need to blanch the celery.