When everything goes wrong, bake a pie — 6 Comments

  1. To Brad and Rhona:

    Hi there! Sorry for the slight off-topic here, but I’m curious about western Maine. I’m going to look at property there next week. Where do you live, and do you like it? Please feel free to email me at teapartyer (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you, and thank you Jackie for hosting an informative and inspirational blog!

  2. Judy,

    She got them at Zups, our local grocery store. They are also called Cripps Pink. We DO have a young Pink Lady apple tree planted in our orchard, but probably won’t get apples. But that’s what makes homesteading so much fun. After all, who knows?????


  3. Okay Will, where did Jackie get the apples? Because I went searching for trees and what I read said that Pink Lady apples needed 200 days to make apples, Even Kansas doesn’t have 200 frost free days. Judy

  4. Pumping water
    In response to Meredith’s question, we installed a Bison pump 2 years ago in our drilled deep well and are very pleased with it. We live in Western Maine and the pump works in our cold winters. Although a little pricey we think it’s well worth the price. The people at Bison Pumps are all very helpful.

    Brad and Rhona Barrie

  5. Bull (you know what!) The secret of Jackie’s pie is the Pink Lady apples that are in it!


  6. What a beautiful pie! Thanks for sharing your secret. My mom just taught me a similar trick last week, she took the residual sugar, juice and spice mix from the sides of the bowl she mixed her apple pie filling in and brushed it all over the top of her pie. Like you said, crunchy, sweet, brown and beautiful. The butter would make it all the better.