We have 7 new baby goats, just in time for Mom’s birthday! — 10 Comments

  1. I planted our first start of comfrey earlier this spring. I ended up placing it by the barn so it wouldn’t be in the way if we expand the garden further. I’m hoping it will take off.

  2. I moved my comfrey plants back by my compost heaps to make it easier to add leaves. It multiplies so fast I thought that would be a good spot for it. :)

  3. You can also put a handful of comfrey in a bucket full of water with a lid– weight down the leaves with a rock. Leave the lid on a few weeks and then go back and check. It will make a black liquid fertilizer, like tar–great for veggies.

  4. Nancy Foster,

    OOOps! So sorry not to have sent you my address. PLEASE forgive me???? Send in your e-mail address and I WILL send you my address. Sometimes I get so busy I forget things and become rude.


  5. A very Happy Birthday to your mom!!! Clown is adorable and so I agree with Mason and your mom….

  6. For the lady with the wild goat, we had to keep our doors shut because out goats would come into the house every chance they got. My mom had lots of house plants and the goats loved them. We moved so often, I went to eight schools, that we never built good fence for them, we just kept them tied out and moved the anchors several times a day and carried water.
    I guess I will mail this box of almonds to the Backwoods Home office along with theirs and have them forward it to you.

  7. Happy Birthday to your mom! I love the bits you put in your columns about her. With all the challenges she’s faced, she gives me hope for my own journey. Through all her difficulties she’s kept her appreciation for simple, beautiful moments, and it seems she’s passed that on to her family. I live in a very urban area, but I read your column for the common sense tone and the food preserving hints — and an example of how one can be happy with good, old-fashioned values, hard work, family and friends. Thank you.