So you think it doesn’t matter what seed starting soil you use? — 7 Comments

  1. Is the only place you can find Promix at a nursery? Those plants of yours look great! Good luck with the snow headed your way.

  2. Cheryl,

    I agree that making your own potting soil is best. I did it for years. But this past two years, with trying to get our homestead going and taking care of Mom, I just couldn’t do it. The soil I used this year doesn’t have fertilizer added; I never liked that before, with Miracle Gro. When I plant my plants out in the garden, they receive all the compost they can use. No stripped soil, here! I’d like to do it all, but haven’t gotten there yet. It’s the road to self reliant living, and one does what one can along the way.


  3. I also had the same disappointing results with my seedlings last year when I used Miracle Gro to start them in – poor germination and sad little plants that took forever to get going. A friend who is a Master Gardener told me the young seedlings just can’t process the chemical fertilizer that’s in it and it sort of ‘clogs’ up their vascular system. This year’s seedlings got high quality seed starting mix, I had near 100% germination and at 4 weeks they’re about double the size they were last year at this point.

  4. I agree with potting soil that is bought you will get bigger plants, especially if there is chemical fertilizer in it… I still use homemade soil to cut costs. Buying it is nice when you can, but to know how to make it is even better for hard times sake. If there is chemicals in it, I would suggest adding some compost since chemical fertilizers eat carbon and that is what strips the nutrients I have read. Also Chemical fertilizers add salt to the ground. You probably know all of this.. Just saying it in case. Not meaning to be a know it all… Just trying to help so there wont be stripped soil in the end.

  5. I found the same thing with miracle grow. This year it was more like partically composting wood chips (complete with quarter size rocks and finger big sticks) than potting soil. I got about a 20% germination rate. Then I read ‘Ask Jackie’ who talked about professional potting soil and thought, Yes! Went to our locally nursery and they sold me bag of what they use. My plants have never looked better or bigger! And that even with the late second start. Thanks Jackie! You have the answere before I have the question!

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