We got our pond! — 7 Comments

  1. Jackie: I read on your blog that you re-can food items that you buy in bulk like tomato sauce etc. Why would you re-can it instead of just leaving it like it is. Maybe I don’t understand the concept but please explain why if you bought a lot of tomato sauce you would bring it home and re-can it. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

  2. Nancy,

    YES! We got our box of goodies. Wow, not only almonds, but cashews and pecans, too. Thank you so very much!!!


  3. Emily,
    Please tell your four year old that there are not fish in the pond. There WILL be frogs, toads and turtles, soon, though. No, we won’t be planting fish, as it isn’t deep enough to not have them become oxygen starved and freeze out in the winter. We DO have fish in our beaver ponds, though, and they hang out by our spring’s outlet, so they also love our water. The mud is already starting to clear and the pond is almost full to overflowing.


  4. Oops. Just saw where I posted my question in the wrong place so copied it and posted it over there!


  5. Jackie, Does rhubarb grow well in the south (north central Alabama)? I honestly don’t know of anybody around here that grows it. Daughter-in-law has a greenhouse this year on the farm and it’s growing well and we’ve read so much great stuff you do with rhubarb we’d like to try it?

    Since we don’t know anybody that has any to be divided to get a start, what do we do, order seed or what????

    Thanks for all the info you share!

  6. Just thought I would share: my four-year-old was very concerned about your muddy pond. He told me that fish in there would die. I told him that the pond was only muddy because they were working on it, but once it was clear, fish would be fine in there. So, we were wondering, will you plant fish?