We’re working on our bridge and we also made a “haul” — 3 Comments

  1. It is always best to can them as from Vine to Brine . Although sieotemms something comes up that slows the canning and you want to can them the next day. Yes, I think the refrigerator sounds fine as long as they stay moist and cold. It also depends on if you’re canning baby dills, sweets and the size cucumbers. I’ve canned many quarts and pints of pickles and had to change my canning time to the next day with good results. The best result being of the same day of coarse, but not much difference. Enjoy crunchy pickles!

  2. Looks like things are staying busy for you! You certainly are getting things looking great on the homestead.

    I tried canning on my ceramic top with NO success. Once it got hot the stove would turn off. I ended up finishing on my outdoor Cache cooker.

  3. Ceramic stove tops may not provide even heat for pressure canners. Like many modern electric stovetops, they cycle on & off by themselves – which could play havoc with a pressure canner and not provide consistent pressure.