Can you find Jackie? — 3 Comments

  1. Charles Britton’s q about his squash vines drying up? It could be the cucumber/squash beetle. I have given up trying to grown any vine crops due to these pesky creatures. Any advice you have about dealing with them would be appreciated.

  2. I make no sugar added jelly with the No Sugar Needed Sure Jell. It works out fine. Just adjust yourself to NOT boiling after you add the Splenda.

  3. Your tomatoes are gorgeous! We are still learning and our toms aren’t *quite* that big, but they are getting there!!! Our big problem is it hasn’t been hot ENOUGH! We normally start getting frost in a couple weeks, and my cherry tomatoes are just finally starting to ripen! And those were in tires!!

    Thanks so much for your column, because I know without it I wouldn’t have the knowledge to even HAVE tomatoes in a year like this!