Take time to smell the flowers — 2 Comments

  1. Jackie Jackie Jackie don’t scare us like that again. Being of the same decade, I can tell you the healing process happens when it happens. Garden miseries. Yup three years in a row, 40’s at night and damp wet conditions up and until the fourth of July. If you can grow it in a pot you can a just your growing conditions to get tomato’s no mater what. Tomato blight is the bain of everyone condition here. This years conditions are no less than the years before. I had new ground so late it was rediculious and held the tomato’s in pots till the conditions and new ground was prepared. I dug a trench nearly 12” deep and packed the ground next to the trench then went over 36” and dug another trench the same putting the dirt in the middle of the two trenches. I was rushing to get the cabbage starts into the ground and I looked at all the raise dirt and though now there’s a place for the tomato’s. After all it was a nice raise bed between the cabbage rows. I hauled over the tomato plants dug down 6” and layed the potted plants in a small trench at the top of the heaped dirt and picked all the leaves off each plant and barried the potted area and stem in the ground and left just the top showing… I had so much room I made two lines of plants then added the cages over the heads of each plant. Watered them in with a solution of Shulz bloom and sprinkled oyster shell on the top of the ground and watered them in again. Mid season I’ll start cutting all the suckers at the bottom off and clean the ground around so nothing but the main stem has contact with the ground. Now the tomato plants are just come to the top of the large cages and putting on lots of green tomato’s. So far I haven’t mulched them but with such a late start it may be necessary to do so before all the tomato’s come ripe. If they don’t ripen well we will just cut the green tomato’s up and make a big batch of tomato chutney. The sheltered cabbages are putting on heads. I maybe able to sustain them till late into the garden this fall.

  2. So glad you guys are okay, and healing! Your flowers look wonderful, and I’ll bet they smell just as good!