We’re putting the garden to bed for the winter, but we’re still harvesting — 3 Comments

  1. BamaSuzy

    I’m not supposed to answer questions on the comments section, but I’ll make an exception; The pepper jelly recipes I use are in the Kerr Blue Book; they’re all pretty much the same, from way back. I’ve never had one fail.


  2. I have heard of people using a defunct chest freezer to store animal feeds and I have heard of them putting live catfish in there (don’t know how that would work out) to raise.

  3. Jackie, Do you have a really good Pepper JELLY recipe? My farm stand customers are constantly asking for Pepper Jelly (because I make corn cob jelly, tomato jelly, honeysuckle jelly, etc.) but I want a recipe that I KNOW will turn out well instead of just one I get off the Internet. I’m HOPING to ge your food preservation book for Christmas!