At 25° below, you find things to do inside — 4 Comments

  1. Seed sources: Fisher’s Seeds, PO Box 236, Belgrade MT 59714 – 406 388-6052 – catalog $2. I don’t know that they have Hopi Pale Grey, but they do have short season, high altitude, open pollinated, cold tolerant, heirloom, locally grown seeds, some for locally developed cultivars. Don’t think they have a web site.

  2. re: snow….I really miss the snow, I’m stuck here in california for at least another year…from New England…make you a deal…you send me some snow to play with and I’ll send you some mandarin oranges off the tree in the side yard…take care and keep warm…I love your blog…makes me smile.

  3. This is for Hollis in Delaware about heating with a wood stove. Congratulations on going with wood! You will love it after adjusting, and it is one of the best investments we have made. We live in MN, and heat with a woodstove in the winter time, but like Jackie we have several fans that we use to move the heat around. However, I like to think of our house as being zonal, with our den/ breakfast nook being ~75F, living room ~70-72F, our bedrooms being ~65F and basement ~55-60F. We have a small door fan that leads to the bedrooms, if it ever gets really chilly, but we definitely prefer the cooler sleeping temps. I don’t know if Jackie’s house is that way, but with just a wood stove for heating (instead of one of the outdoors wood burners), you most likely get zonal temps in your house. Just a note, when you clear the ashes, make sure the fans are off… helps cut down on the particulates in the air. Enjoy your stove, we love ours!

  4. What a beautiful color that is, I love all the wood everywhere…..wood is always in motion, it looks like a perfect chinking job….

    I don’t miss those bitter wind chill temps back there, stay warm & toasty!