Here’s a glimpse of our house — 14 Comments

  1. naturegirl,

    Yes, I do need to paint the doors. There just doesn”t seem to be enough time in the day! Maybe one day soon….. I don”t like the white either…but
    it sure beats the ond tarps.


  2. I grind all kinds of beans in my wheat grinder. I use the fine setting. The resulting flour will cook in about 3 minutes. Use the flour and for the liquid, use water with soup base/stock/broth/bouillon. Add any dehydrated veggies you have (you could also grind them to a powder in your blender/food processor/coffee mill.) and cook.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this. An amazing accomplishment! You are an inspiration to us all.

  4. Jackie – I LOVE all the windows and all the natural wood…what a beautiful home and sanctuary! Congratulations!

  5. I thought that would be your answer for the railroad ties but decided to ask any way. And the split pea soup idea is wonderful! I wonder how you would make pea flour. I may try it in my food chopper.

  6. Absolutely beautiful home! Your hard is work is certainly paying off and I am in envy of those windows and view. Wow! thanks for the pictures.

  7. Your home looks wonderful….warm, cozy, ALIVE with all those projects going on…..I love all the windows, it brings the outdoors in with the rustic interior….

    I was “ooo-ing” and “aaah-ing” hehehe….but I have to say, those BRIGHT white doors have to change….maybe it’s the way the pix turned out, but they just look so modernly out of place in such a woodsy atmosphere….I know they come that way when bought, but it screams “paint me rust or maroon or some dark shade of red – – or even a beige, or else a mock stain effect”…..and I know as well that the last thing you need is more projects/work to do, LOL – therefore, it’s only a suggestion rather than a criticism (really)…..

    I’m also jealous of the Indian statue….a lot……I get teased about decorating with tree stumps/branches and rocks, so it’s nice to see other people use them too…..

  8. For split pea soup, couldn’t you dry the whole peas and then run them through a grain mill, making pea-flour?

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    As for internet access, that would be a very long article but you can get internet anywhere if you have the money to do it.
    The pictures of your house are great! Thanks for sharing them.

  10. It is HUGE!!! What a wonderful experience to watch your projects and see how the other half lives! You are my inspiration, my hero, and I tell everyone so!

  11. The house looks great! I am totally jealous. Love the wood stove, the greenhouse, all of it!

  12. It looks great. You’re right it has come a long way in two years. You have something there you can be really proud of.