Q and A: Canning corned beef and canning eggs — 6 Comments

  1. I remember seeing my grandmother with a lard bucket of fresh eggs sitting on the counter in her kitchen. Dad said she never refrigerated her eggs. For long term, I haven’t a clue how she kept them.
    I wonder if you could pickle eggs in left over beet pickling brine. If they absorbed the red color, sliced on a salad, I think my gkids would think they were eating Easter eggs.

  2. Jackie,
    I was just reading your Q&A’s about canning eggs. One of my geology professors wrapped her eggs in Crisco when she was preparing to canoe the Yukon River. She said they were still edible a month later.

  3. Mike,

    I know about the pickled eggs and bologna set out on counters. Botulism is very rare, but it can and does occur. To be safest, don’t set out opened jars of pickled eggs or meats.


  4. Jackie, I just read your reply to canning eggs. Most every country store and convenience market in my part of Tennessee has a gallon jar of pickled eggs setting on the counter. None (or very few) are refrigerated… they do pickled bologna the same way. It was my understanding that once they were pickled, the could set out at room temp. Glad to know I was in error before I made a huge mistake.

    Enjoy your Q and A’s.


  5. There are recipes for Beet pickled eggs and Dill pickled eggs in Carla Emery’s book Encyclopedia of Country Living. I’m still looking for mustard pickled eggs like at the Amish Resterants in Ohio.