Q and A: Cooking turkey in a pressure cooker and planting fruit trees — 6 Comments

  1. Pecan trees like, or can handle, wet roots. Wouldn’t they be a good tree to try, by a pond area? Just wondering, although the wild ones might get to them before the homesteader could.

  2. Thanks so much for the advice, Jackie… Looking forward to reading your article too!

  3. Jay,

    There’s always some new ideas! When I lived in NM, I planted my orchard, heavily amending my caliche soil with rotted compost and black dirt mixed with the clay. By digging four foot wide holes that were three feet deep, these trees did very well over the years. Never had any that tried to blow over or exhibiting root binding etc. Mulching always helps, especially in arid climates.


  4. Just a heads up on the soil amending in clay soils. Here in NM, the latest I’ve heard is that it’s better not to amend too heavily… because then you’ll basically be planting in a clay pot, w/all the attendant problems: root binding, weak root structure & a tree that blows over in the wind. The Master Gardener program is now recommending that the soil be broken up, LIGHTLY amended, & heavily mulched out to the drip line.

  5. My m-i-l was a school cook for many years. They always cooked the turkeys in pressure canners and then took the meat from the bones for serving. I remember this because she hated doing all those turkeys!

  6. I cook my turkeys in the pressure cooker every year as my oven does not work. The bones get a little soft if cooked too long but not so they turn to mush. I can any left over turkey, which is totally cooked, in chunks with broth and it works great. I also have canned it and chicken with carrots and onions for soup makings.