Measurements for herbs and spices

First off, I want to tell you how much my wife and I enjoy your column, articles, and your books. We’ve used many of your ideas with great success.

My question is this: In your “Growing and Canning Your Own Food” recipes, are the herb/spice measurements (such as in Tomato Sauce) for dried or for fresh herbs/spices?

Curtis Buergin
Spring Mills, Pennsylvania

Thank you for your kind words. The recipes for herbs/spices in the canning book are for dried spices because many folks don’t have fresh. You can certainly substitute fresh, but you’ll want to add more to make up for the dehydration. — Jackie

Tarragon vinegar

I am wondering if you have a “recipe” for tarragon vinegar, if so would you please share and also let us know what the shelf life would be for something like that. I’ve seen several recipes on the Internet but it’s hard to find a reliable source.

Kara Slonecker
Plain City, Ohio

When I make tarragon vinegar, I simply fill a sterilized glass bottle (or canning jar) with white vinegar and put a few springs of tarragon in it, covering completely with vinegar. I just keep this in the fridge and use as I want. I replace the vinegar used so the tarragon doesn’t stay out of the vinegar. This lasts for months and months this way. When the tarragon gets “used up” looking, I simply remove it and continue using the vinegar until gone then repeat with fresh tarragon. Not really a recipe but simplicity is sometimes best. — Jackie


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