We have been feeding all of our animals lots of our two tons of pumpkins. They love them, from chickens to the pigs, goats, and cattle. But we did save some of the nicest ones. And come Halloween, David couldn’t resist carving one, even though he’s well past “trick or treat” age! And he is quite an artist, too.

He went online and found a pumpkin pattern for this cat because his girlfriend loves cats. And then he spent two hours, delicately carving the pattern in the fat pumpkin. Meanwhile, I carefully saved seeds from it and got a whole cookie sheet full. We’ll try planting pumpkins around the edges of the new pasture in the spring. The deer will probably eat them before they ripen, but who knows? It costs nothing but a little work and could surprise us.


  1. Multi-generational living in a single home is very natural and sustainable, to sound a little politically correct about it – but it’s true :). The blessings go back and forth among the generations.

  2. All,

    David is waiting for an opening in the Millwright class in college. The class filled so quickly, he missed out this fall. Last fall, he began a helicopter piloting class that he was very passionate about, then found his VA educational benefits wouldn’t cover his flight hours…to the tune of $67,000! No, he couldn’t (and probably shouldn’t have anyway) get a student loan for that amount. He loves heavy equipment and hopes to get into one of the local open pit iron mines, running dozers or loaders.
    Now he’s working at a local market as well as for our neighbor, whom he’s worked for six years now driving tractors and other farm equipment.
    He’s still living at home and I’m glad of that. It’s especially hard when you realize your last child will soon fly off on his own.


  3. That’s “Puss in Boots”, from the movie “Shrek”!

    How wonderful. That is unbelievably beautiful.
    Lucky mum and lucky girlfriend.
    As Judy above said, it is good to see and hear about David again.

  4. We just got home from a four day trip to find my Jackies Canning book in the mailbox! Woohoo! I have all your other books and can’t believe I haven’t gotten this one before.
    Canning “season” is over, but I read it from cover to cover. I guess there is a lot more canning I can do!

    Thanks for the hard work of putting this one together!

  5. Very nice! A multi-talented man. I’m a regular reader and really enjoy your blog and all the Q & A and encouragement. Jennifer in western NC

  6. Wonderful job!!!!! I have been going to ask about David. Is He in school yet? what are His interests, We dont hear much on His involvement in the daily goings on would love to hear more on Him. I have always admired Him and the hard work He does, that you have shared with us readers

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