Q and A: canning nuts and canning meat — 3 Comments

  1. When I was an unemployed single mother I would get freezer burned meat from the food bank and canned it. I haven’t gotten any off taste from it yet and am still using it. I do only use it in soups and stews though,

  2. Momma,

    Yes, you can oven “can” rice. I used to do it with nuts but they didn’t keep as long as they do when you can them; they get rancid faster because of the oil where rice doesn’t have the oil.
    Yes, pressure canning should kill mold spores; good point. And probably the rice wouldn’t have absorbed so much moisture to make it yucky.


  3. About the rice–
    Couldn’t you oven can it just because it is a dry product? It’s not like canning veggies or meat. It can simply be kept in jars with lids just screwed down, so I wonder if you couldn’t just oven can it?
    And, doesn’t pressure canning kill mold spores anyway?
    I’m just curious about that? I would wonder if the pressure canning heat and pressure itself wouldn’t kill mold spores. Of course, the rice would still be soggy and icky, but would it mold?