Q and A: livestock crops, scorched stew, and pressure canning meat — 2 Comments

  1. Laura,

    While there are studies showing that excessive consumption of comfrey, which does contain certain toxins hard on the liver, folks have been feeding comfrey, in reasonable moderation to their livestock and chickens for generations with no ill effects. Sometimes “scientific studies” get a little overboard in their testing of a food. I remember when we’d simply die if we ate lard and butter. Not to mention eggs. Now they’re good for us? Sometimes I wish they’d make up their minds. I remember when DDT was “good for us”! And sick robins dropped out of the elm trees after being sprayed for Dutch Elm Disease, never to fly again but for in heaven.
    Personally, I rely on generation-old wisdom and moderation in all things.


  2. Jackie, in your reply to Mia,you mention comfrey for your livestock, I’ve never
    used it because I understood that it was toxic, am I missing out on a good thing?