Q and A: lettuce, beans, peas, onions, and garlic and canning curried goat — 4 Comments

  1. Ginger,

    Prickly lettuce will cross with domestic lettuce, making it more of a pain than if it were just a weed alone. Grandma was right.

  2. The more that plant grew, the more like a nettle it looked (getting branches), so I dug it up. I have seen the little soft stickers a lot but no problems.
    Thank you so much. The last 2 days we have canned 10 lbs of cheese & 8 lbs of butter so not taking up room in fridge. Turkey in oven to can tomorrow.

  3. Ann, I just love goat. Could you share your recipe for curried goat? Jackie, do you have any recipes for it? I would be very grateful for any recipes. Thank you!

  4. Hey Jackie, hope you are mending well & quickly.
    My grandmother always told me that “prickly Lettuce” is a wild strain of actual domestic leaf lettuce and because of that, I have always made sure it was cleaned out well from in and around our garden area for fear of crossing with a leaf lettuce that I might be planting that year. Is grandma correct?