Q and A: cleaning cow teats, “rotten” odor in reusable lids, and canning pumpkin — 3 Comments

  1. Many years ago, a “Tupperware lady” told a group of us “party people” how to get odors out of plastic Tupperware products. Wash it well with soap and hot water, dry container and lid, stuff it with crumpled newsprint, apply the lid and set it aside for a couple of days. IT WORKED……odors gone! I have tried this method with many plastic products since then and it works every time! I have even stuffed newsprint in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator that got accidentally unplugged and had that “bad meat” smell in it…..YUCK! (Cleaned the fridge and stuffed the freezer with newsprint to de-stink it BEFORE cooling it back down for use.) Worked on that big problem, too! I guess newsprint is getting less and less available with internet news, etc, but I have bought a box of “clean” newsprint from U-Haul; and after use, I smooth it out, fold it and save it for another stinky container.

  2. I opened up some jars of canned cabbage this year. I had canned them with Tattler lids, and the strong smell of the cabbage wouldn’t wash off. I thought I might have to throw them away. I filled a bowl with a strong baking soda solution and put my lids and rings in to soak. Then I promptly forgot about them. Weeks later, after the water had all evaporated, I was pleased to find that all the odor had left.
    I hope you can salvage your lids. I just love mine. I’ve used them for three years now. I used to hate to have to spend the money on a lid to can up a jar of food, and now I never have to think twice whether I should can something or not. I can even use little half-pint jars and not feel a twinge of guilt. :)