Since it was cold and windy yesterday, Will spent the day working on our new countertop, sink, and kitchen cabinets. By evening, the faucets were on and the water running. No leaks! Of course our “building inspector,” Mittens, was involved with every step. She walked around the cabinets, popping in and out from under the sink, peering down off of the countertop, and sitting by Will as he assembled the various pieces on the kitchen floor.


I spent the day packaging seeds to mail out on Tuesday. I took a batch in to the post office in Cook on Saturday but then found out that they were no longer open on Saturdays! Now I have two big bags full of orders to go out.

Because Hopi Pale Grey squash seeds were in nearly everyone’s order, I cut open two more squash today to harvest more seeds. It takes about a week for them to dry completely as they are fat seeds. So I’ve got two plates full sitting in the greenhouse drying nicely. The chickens got the squash “guts” and I’m baking the squash. Some will be for dinner and some to make a couple of “pumpkin” pies. I’ve found that I just toss the ingredients in my blender and whiz it awhile. The squash blends down velvety smooth and you’ve never had a better pie!


We’re running low on the Bill Bean tomato seeds so have pulled them from the seed listing to avoid disappointing people. However, I DO have quite a few Cherokee Purple tomato seeds if anyone is interested. These are a very large red with dark mahogany overlay. The tomatoes are the most flavorful of all we raise and sauce made from them is a beautiful rich dark red.

We’re looking forward to spring so much, especially with the intense cold weather we’ve had this winter. We’re looking at another week of highs that are below zero. Depressing! But I bought some on-sale paper white narcissus and amaryllis at WalMart after Christmas for $2.50 a pot and they are already starting to bloom. Today I have Ziva paper whites in bloom and boy do they smell like spring! A few flowers make a huge difference in one’s outlook. — Jackie


  1. Your cabinets are the envy of many of us. I’m so happy for you.
    We are complaining about wind chills of 20 and 30 below, but those have been your real temperatures! Brrr is right. I look forward to getting my seed order…it does promise that spring is ahead. You’d never know it right now.

  2. Also, there is a link to the blog homepage at the top of this page, to the right, under the small picture of Jackie. :)

  3. Hi Pat!

    There is a green box at the top of the blog homepage. If you scroll over the words in the box, the link should be highlighted, and you can click on it. On my computer, the seed catalog downloaded right to my computer, and I had to open it from my ‘downloads’ file. I hope this helps….I know how frustrating computers can be at times. :)

  4. I am sorry to be so inept when it comes to computers but I do not see a link to buy the seeds. Is it under a certain name or am I just missing it?

  5. Kitchen is looking great Jackie & Will! So envious of all that counter space! Stay warm and let’s pray for spring to come early.

  6. Cindy,

    Folks have been telling me to kill those beavers! Hey, I don’t kill the messenger! But boy were they right, huh? Brrrrrr.

  7. Pat,

    Just go up to the top of the blog and click on the link. You’ll see our entire seed flyer and information on ordering.

  8. Your new kitchen looks so nice. I really, really like your new sink and faucet. Very pretty!!! Mittens and Will do very nice work together. :)

  9. Your kitchen is looking wonderful. All that workspace! I’m glad to hear your seed enterprise is doing so well, too.

  10. Oh Jackie, your kitchen looks gorgeous!! How wonderful! I can just picture you canning away and cooking lots of goodies!! I bet those beavers are really laughing it up down in their house! If they knew the price of propane right now they would split their sides laughing!

  11. Very pretty, you will just love your new kitchen. Where do I find a list of the seeds you are selling? I would like to order some from you.

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