Our beef is starting to sell well and we’ve been delivering, all the way down to Duluth with some 90 miles away! And in the morning we do it again with the second four quarters. Yep, back to Duluth, but also two deliveries closer to home.

People are really happy to get naturally-raised beef with no hormones or antibiotics and from animals that have lived on pasture and good care.

We got home to find our cat, Mittens, stretched out on the sofa, having a siesta in the sunshine. (It was 7 degrees out, so the sun felt good!) Mittens DOES live a rough life, doesn’t she?

I’m having fun signing copies of my newest book, Summer of the Eagles. Requests are coming in from all over the country and it’s neat that so many different people are reading it. Not just “Western” fans. But, hey, it has something for everyone … even romance. — Jackie


  1. I will agree about the beef. It is probably the most delicious beef that we had in the longest time… and although not very fatty, it isn’t dry and flavorless. The ground beef/hamburger is just tremendous for meatballs, meatloaf, tacos, about anything. Definitely keep me on our list. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I read the excerpt on Amazon and it is great. You definitely have the gift of storytelling. Sooner or later I want to get my hands on a copy and read the whole book! Highly recommend it.

  3. We have a source close for pasture raised beef, it is really good, the only thing that beats it is some good elk or deer!

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