Wide-mouth jars

I have been using wide mouth jars almost exclusively because they are easy to fill/wash. It occurred to me today as I started a batch of strawberry star fruit jam that there may be a reason for the 2 sizes. Am I to use them as I wish for anything I am canning? I know wide mouth jars are a little more expensive for some mysterious reason … is that the only difference?

Judith Almand
Brandon, Florida

Yes, you can use either wide mouth jars or regular jars, as you choose for any canning. The wide mouth jars are easier to fill with certain foods like larger pieces of meat and they are also easier to get some foods out of after processing and storing them. Of course the lids of the regular jars are a lot cheaper so this is why I use more of them than the wide mouth lids. But as the Tattler lids are becoming easy to find, that’s not such an issue anymore. — Jackie

Buckboard bacon

I want to can buckboard bacon, made from the BHM article in an older issue. I assume I pressure can it at 10 PDS for 75 minutes for a pint and 90 minutes for a quart. Also no liquid. My question,do I need to cook it first? If I don’t cook it, is it edible from the jar when done canning or does it need to be cooked after?

Karen Armstrong
Watkins Glen, New York
No, you don’t need to cook it first as canning at 10 pounds pressure for 75 minutes (pints) will cook it in the canner. — Jackie


  1. Linda, buckboard bacon is using the pork loin to cure. Tastes like Canadian bacon. It is simple to make and I pay no more than 1.99 a pound for loin when we are out of our own pork.

  2. Linda buckboard bacon is in issue 131, sept/oct 2011. It is available prepared by a commercial meat processor in a grocery store where I live but is $9 a pound. I like it but at that price don’t buy it very often.

  3. People do need to remember that the wide mouth jars in pints or any size are the only ones that can be used for freezing. Just remember that the ones with shoulders in any size cannot be used for freezing. Now, I am wondering what buckboard bacon is.

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