With all of our peppers up, it’s time for tomatoes. This year I planted more than 288 tomatoes. Of that number, there are 50 new varieties and 20 of our old standbys that we are selling seeds from this year at our business — Seed Treasures. Some of the 50 new ones won’t make the cut, of course. If they don’t produce very well, don’t taste great, or don’t seem quite hardy, out they go! (We do give some a second chance if they make two of our goals, just to see if we did something wrong or the weather affected them.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been canning up a storm. I just did 14 quarts of chili, 7 pints of leftover kidney beans, 3 quarts and 3 pints of boneless pork loin, and a little plain crumbled hamburger. Now I’ve got to get out more meat to thaw. Time to get another big batch done ahead of Easter dinner cooking and baking. I’m SO glad to be feeling better!

Will is lots better too. He cut up a big load of small wood, loading it into the pickup. I just looked out and he was unloading it with his radio earphones on and he was dancing to old-time rock’n roll!
Go Will! — Jackie


  1. All,

    Yes, live IS good! We are greatful for that every single day. And especially when you’ve been down and spring is here!!!

    You all have a happy, blessed Easter, every single one of you!!!

  2. Just read some of your 2007 archived posts about being satisfied with what you can do, and taking time off to enjoy the little things. I got a chuckle out of one post where you comment about your “@#&*!!” cell phone ringing in the middle of nowhere… out in the woods. Good stuff. Who knew I would get this therapy here to start off the day right. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. SO glad you are both feeling better! Can just picture Will out there dancing. Life is good!

  4. So glad you are both feeling better. After not feeling good, we realize how much our health is worth. Have a happy Easter and I hope the kids and grandchildren can be with you.

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