Q and A: picking green beans and feeding bad food to chickens — 2 Comments

  1. gen,

    We just got back Wills results of his CAT scan; no change. So he gets another scan in 3 months. We were happy with that. Boy, that’s tough with your granddaughter having to be hospitalized for 6 months! We’re praying for you all every day.

    I’m starting canning too; did hot pepper rings yesterday and our cukes are just starting to come in. The dill’s huge!!! Can’t wait.

  2. I may have missed it, but I sure hope Will is doing ok and he got a good check up. My grand daughter has been on chemo for 2 weeks now, and apparently will be in the hospital for another 6 months. She is definitely holding her own.
    My dad and I canned 14 quarts of sweet pickles yesterday, half were the old fashioned lime pickles, and half were the candied dills. While I’m still at home, we have been doing our best to can a couple of days a week. Mostly it has been chicken and beef, and some soup; but our garden is doing ok at the moment, and we will be checking our beets soon. One of my granddaughter’s is wanting to help me can a jelly with the frozen orange juice concentrate as it’s base, I can’t believe how delicious that is, and if she wants to help make it, she feels the same way. Prayers are with you and Will, and I think your garden looks gorgeous this summer.