And while he was here, Hondo decided he needed to be held on David’s lap like he used to be when he was a pup. Unfortunately, Hondo’s a lot bigger now, but he still likes being there!



Will harvested most of our Bear Island Chippewa flour corn as the Blue Jays were getting into it. They were also getting in our Yukon Supreme sweet corn, so I’ve pulled all of that too. I sat on the front porch and tied all the shucked corn up into strings so it could continue drying out without molding — it will if left in the shuck.


I’ve got lots more to do but will get on that after my trip to Florida. See you when I get back. I’ll take plenty of pictures. And if any of you can come to the booth at the expo, please stop by and say “hi!” — Jackie


  1. Staci,

    Will’s sweet corn, Seneca Sunrise, has done very well this year; nice FAT cobs with plenty of sweet corn. We’re thrilled. And the cows only got in the garden once for a few minutes (thank you God!!!). Yes, you can go ahead and order it to send when it’s dry. But if you wait, our new crops will be added to our website and the new catalog will be out in December to tempt you even more.

  2. Deb,

    Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself; we sure have weedy gardens too, especially our pig pasture and north gardens. Yep, we got frost the day before I got back. But oh well, stuff happens and luckily it didn’t hurt our crops even though it killed some of the plants. I’m tickled to visit with all my blog family, too.

  3. Jackie, the corn looks wonderful!! I can not wait to buy some of Wills sweet corn. Can we go ahead and order it and you send it to us when it is ready? Spencer looks very jealous staring at Hondo! Ive go an Australian Shepard that thinks that she needs to be in my lap every now and again, it must be in their blood. Hope you had fun in Florida; praying for your safe return home, Staci from Arkansas.

  4. Hi Jackie,
    I follow your weather in Minnesota and worry that the cold weather may hurt your harvest. It must be hard for you to be away for five days in Fla. Your garden is everything I dream about and you and Will are industrious and like energizer bunnies. I think about you often throughout my day and wonder,
    “Now, what would Jackie say if she saw my weedy tomatoes and my bug infested squash”. You must not sleep very much to do all that you do. It is great to have this forum to share with others and to pick your brain. I so appreciate that you find time in your day to write to all of us. You are like family and in fact I hear from you more often through your blog than I do from some of my relatives.

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