Spencer had surgery — 9 Comments

  1. Are the cherries sweet or sour? I have tried many times to grow cherries, but our mostly clay soil it too wet and the trees die. Will the tree survive in a pot or will I need to plant it in the soil? Thanks.

  2. Anita,

    Many times when your cauliflower gets loose heads it’s just because of the weather so just keep trying. You also might try another variety as some tolerate this change in the weather more than others.

  3. Rick,

    Our garden is real late this year due to fluctuations in the temperature; hot, then cold. We’re about 3 weeks late. Eeek! Love September but this year I’m busy doing expos and seminars and stuff everywhere around the country so it’s lucky we ARE late or I’d be SO behind. Whew! I’m happy to hear you’re doing well.

  4. Miss Jackie, Such a nice cauliflower. I grew those a couple years as they were recommended by a Mennonite greenhouse near me. My problem is that I am reluctant to pick as they seem to keep growing and then one day the curds get over mature, and they are not as tender. Same with broccoli. That daylily is enough to make ones heart palpitate!!! Last week we canned peaches, to day it is tomatoes, the first this year, and I have honey to extract! Hurrah for August! It’s hot, there is good stuff to can, and the fruit cellar is starting to recover from the predations of last winter.
    Blessings to you all!!! Rick

  5. Hi Jackie

    Here’s to Spencer recovering fast and completely. Love the cauliflower! I have sphaghetti squash that is about 15in long!!! With all this rain and then the heat, the garden is going crazy, but loving it all the same. Take care and have a great day!


  6. Do you have any problems with worms in your cherries? I also have been wanting to try some Hanson cherries.
    Also my cauliflower didn’t get nice tight heads this year or last year, the heads are very loose. What causes that and what can I do to prevent it?


  7. That is a beautiful daylily! I’m glad to know you’ll be offering the Hansen cherries. I’ve not seen those before, and would like to try them.