We attended the Orr Homesteading and Sustainable Living Expo — 6 Comments

  1. Di,

    We are about 80 miles north of Duluth, MN and several miles to the west; then 1 1/2 miles back in the woods, surrounded by the Superior National Forest.

  2. Kendall,

    I’m so happy your beans are doing so well for you! Happy eating and (hopefully) canning!

  3. Love it!! I strawbale garden and my vegis’s explode with
    with produce every year!! I am amazed!!!😊❤️ Where are you located?

  4. In East Texas, the garden withthe exception of jalapeno plants, is over. Just
    planted fall potatoes. Greens and cabbage a little later.
    Amazing different weather differences.

  5. Good golly those cherries look delicious! I will have to look into getting a couple of those. Glad Spencer is doing well; makes my heart happy seeing old dogs doing well! Have a great weekend and maybe if you need a break, we can provide you with a meal when your here in St. Paul. Take care.