These are some of the big cedar and pine saw logs for lumber.

Not only did we get that five and a half cords of pine saw logs delivered, but Will hauled two loads of cedar fence posts. Then Will and David went over yesterday and brought home a big load of mixed cedar fence posts and also saw logs and some we plan on splitting cedar shakes for the remaining half of our back porch roof. You may remember Will split and then we nailed down a big batch of these shakes in our greenhouse a few years back. We love them and have planned on extending the shakes out into our enclosed back porch. Now, with these big, straight-grained cedar logs, we can do just that. (If you’d like to learn how to both make your own froe, and split the shakes, check out my article in the Twenty-Sixth year anthology.)

Our yard is getting full of various building material!

Will plans on adding a stout corral, just inside our pasture gate, enclosing an acre for winter feeding of the cattle and horses. We built the plank-fenced training ring and really love it. We feed the livestock near the barns in the winter as that concentrates their manure, mixed with rotted hay, which becomes our huge compost pile come spring. Early in the spring, as the grass begins to grow, the animals trample the young grass as they move away from the round bales to feast on new grass. So, with the corral, we can let the grass grow up strong before letting the animals out onto it. For the corral, Will plans on using the bigger cedar fence posts with two inch planks lag bolted onto the inside, as our training ring is built. There are always new projects around here…

Christmas is nearly here so this afternoon I’m getting busy and making fudge and the first batch of Christmas cookies. I like to do fancy cookies like cut-outs and Mom’s favorite, Fancy Chocolate Logs and Turtle Cookies found in my Pantry Cookbook. It doesn’t seem like a holiday without them. (The turtle cookies are a spoonful of soft dough, baked over pecan pieces resembling a turtle head, feet and tail. Then you spoon melted chocolate over the turtle’s shell. Real cute — the kids just love them! Found on page 242 in my Pantry cookbook.)

A few of the big pine saw logs have pretty star-shaped designs on the cut edges, where a cluster of branches had grown on the tree. I want Will to slice off a few inches of each one so I can sand them down and use them for decoration here and there. Very pretty!

See the stars in some of these log ends? I have plans for them.

— Jackie


  1. Miss Jackie, This is my third effort to comment on the star shapes in your logs. I don’t know why,But for a month or 6 weeks I have been mostly unable to comment. Perhaps my computer is at fault
    I’m not quite sure what your concept is, but I thought the star ends would be lovely sanded and stained or varnished or kept clear and used as decorative mounts on a wall, a bedroom, hall or outside under the enclosed porch flanking the door. I also think a pair or more of them to flank one of your paintings of Jess’s Morgan stallion, the Hawk, would be really nice.
    Hope your Christmas day is the best ever and the coming new year as well!!!! Rick

    • Great idea, Rick! I’m so sorry you couldn’t comment and hope whatever happened is fixed. We had a great Christmas with family and friends and hope yours was as joyous!

    • Merry Christmas, Sherry! You can just click on the Seed Treasures box above (the seeds) or go to our website,

  2. The star shaped logs are a good idea. I have a paper weight (I go to Farmers Market) that is actually a piece cut off a landscape timber and my husband put polyurethane on it. It is so pretty that people want to know where they can buy one. Nope, one of a kind.

    Merry Christmas

  3. beautiful. those stars might make a nice bread cutting board. love how you are allowed to plan ahead and gather what you need. where I live the neighbors complain to the town when I get fencing or what ever and have it even in my back yard. my rabbit manure for my garden was a hot topic too.
    merry x-mas to you and your family.

    • Good idea, Susan! I love living remote like we do. Although I do like people in general, when you have neighbors and regulations, it’s hard to progress like you’ like. Merry Christmas to you, too!

  4. I can’t find that cookbook but I started thumbing thru your Home Cooking cookbook and see a recipe for Dishpan Cookies. That’s a catchy name.

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