The canning has just begun — 11 Comments

  1. No running water in the house as it isn’t allowed until there’s a septic system. The running will be done by David, hauling water for awhile.

  2. I’m a bit confused with the measurements of the outhouse. How deep is it? Thanks!

    • The Crawford beans are definitely a runner or pole bean, reaching 10′ or so. Picked fairly young, not stringy at all, but when they get fatter and older, they do have strings like many old timey beans do.

  3. I don’t know about a three foot deep hole lasting forever. The last time we moved the outhouse we dug 3′ wide and 6′ long and put down treated planks to set the 4′ x 4′ outhouse on with a plywood And pallet cover on the other half so we will just have to slide it over to move it. Last winter the pile under the seat got way too high because one of our daughters spent the winter and she wouldn’t use a “night bucket” so between lots of paper and liquid freezing it built up and froze hard enough that it couldn’t be shifted to the side even with the iron bar. I’m sure you have lots of experience with such things.
    We picked provider beans yesterday.

    • By the way our patent from the state ( deed) give us permission for a “pit privy” but requires that we have an engineered system if we want to put in a septic system. Around here that would probably require an above ground leach field.

      • Well, so much for the three foot deep hole; the inspector called and said she needed to see an eight foot deep hole! So now there’s an eight foot deep hole. Holy mike! Yep I know what you mean. In our past outhouses, NO toilet paper went in the pit. We kept a bag for it in a bucket in front of the bench. I’ve learned from past experience, much of what gathers beneath the seat is toilet paper and if you eliminate that, the pit takes much longer to need redigging.
        Yep, we needed an “engineered” septic system too, which is why David is going with the privy for now till he can afford a septic system. Luckily, he’s on a gravel hill.

  4. Were they Red Wing Blackbirds? We have them here in WV and they always nest on the ground.

  5. Only 3′ deep? That doesn’t seem like much. I didn’t realize you would need a permit for a pit toilet, though around here I don’t think they are allowed at all anymore.

    Septic systems can be expensive, this is a good way to give them time to save up for it. Will they have running water in the house sooner? A dry well system for grey water is much cheaper to put in, and with your sand and gravel so handy they can probably accomplish that without too much waiting.