We’re making hay while the sun shines — 12 Comments

  1. We have had to replace all that before on our pickup. A lot of work but I thank God for a husband who is knowledgeable enough to do the repairs himself. I know you must feel the same way about Will.

  2. Do you have any articles about building green houses? I have anthologies 1 – 26 in my collection of reading materials.

    • Not really, David. But the good news is I’m working on one right now so that should help you plan for next year.

  3. Will and Jackie are awesome! Good luck with the truck – we just repair things from vehicles to underpants! Hate debt with a passion! Miss Iris

    • I don’t know about “awesome”…we call it poor. But we hate debt so very much, too.

  4. Your Very Wild Black Cherry Jam sounds yummy! I do love a sweet jam with a kick! Thank you for sharing the good and the bad of your days with us. You remain an inspiration for anyone desiring a life well spent!

    • I used some Muy Bronco Black Cherry jam in my stir-fry last night. Boy was THAT good!!!
      Good news too; the truck is back on the road. Yahoo.

  5. Oh the trials we go thru with vehicles!! I spent two days canning salsa, just one batch, but being disabled, takes me longer to get thru it and recover. Then today hubby brings in a basket of poblano peppers,more cukes, and banana peppers! sigh! lol! might just dry the peppers, am thinking easiest way to go when our week is filled with dr visits down in Omaha this week and in the 90’s, yuck!!

    • Ginger, I live in Omaha. We certainly have had a different weather year haven’t we. Because of many reasons, I didn’t have much garden this year. I’m glad to hear that yours is doing well.

      Have a great day in the garden or in your case the kitchen. :-)

      Nebraska Dave

    • Those dry peppers are so very useful too. Can’t live without them. And you’re right to pace yourself.

  6. Dear Jackie

    I just love hearing about all the things you do on and around your farm, the trials the tribulations, etc. Im a small town girl and long for the farm but being single and not in the best financial health, i guess ill just keep dreaming of owning a small farm someday.

    • I hope your dreams will be real one day. Do everything you can to improve your financial health. It is a struggle but it can be done. Been there; done that! Then creep toward your dream homestead until you can run through the pasture grasses!