Did I mention it’s raining? — 6 Comments

  1. I know what you mean by rain, rain and more rain. Here in Missouri, we’ve had about a foot in the last 3 days. After a summer of severe drought no one is complaining. The ponds are full and the ground is saturated and we are ready for winter.
    I’m glad everything is coming along on the cabin and it’s good to see that you are all wise in your safety practices. Keep up the good work!

    • Yep, we think about safety…especially after Will and I both fell off our barn roof a few years back, trying to screw down metal roofing before it stormed.

  2. Jackie, it’s too bad that the sender of those Thai chilies didn’t specify which ones they are. That is so helpful when one is trying to preserve different or heirloom species.

    They look like they may be the Thai Sun chilies or what I have seen in many places called Thai Ornamental Hot chilies. Thai dragon chilies are usually longer and skinnier. Although as seeds travel and get traded over the generations, different names pop up for the same plant.

    • I totally agree. Unfortunately, the sender who got them in Thailand, didn’t speak the language and therefore didn’t get the name. So we had to improvise. I’ll check out the names you offered and see if they fit. Although, sometimes even that’s hard as some fruits LOOK the same but are different varieties. It makes life complicated yet interesting.

  3. Wow Jackie, when do you have a sleep in? I wanted to tell you that my husband was given your Jess Hazzard books for fathers day at my suggestion. I’ve wanted to read them since you put the first chapter on your blog for people to read ages ago. I enjoyed them all, thanks so much but I’m sad that I’ve finished them and the adventures of Jess are over ?? He will be missed. Our weather is just beginning to warm up and I’m busy getting my garden going. Growing ones own food must be the most satisfying occupation one can have. Thanks again for Jess.

    • So, who says Jess’s adventures are over??? I’m tossing around a fifth book now while I sleep….