I haven’t seen my step-daughters, Randie and Tricia, for several years, or my granddaughter and her kids either. So when I learned Randie was flying in from Boston to visit her daughter and grandkids at their home in Wisconsin, I had to go! Luckily, my oldest son, Bill, and his family live 100 miles or so south of us so I was able to drive down there, spend the night, and ride the rest of the 125 miles with them. There was a big snowstorm forecast and we held our collective breaths.  But it came early, and by the morning we left, the roads were pretty clean and not slippery.

I loved visiting with a bunch of my kids all at once. Randie, Tricia, Me, and Bill scrunched on the sofa.
Here are all the Wisconsin grandchildren and great grandchildren! I love them all.

We had a wonderful visit and tried getting all caught up in several hours. We also got to meet my granddaughter’s family’s pets, including a very spunky cat who acted just like Mittens and their turtle. What a turtle it is too! I’ve had turtles, but this one actually loved attention. She swam to the end of her tank and scratched on the glass to be picked up. She also loves having her head stroked. The kids all loved her.

Here’s a turtle that loves attention.
My grandson Matt tamed the wild cat!

All too soon the visit was over and we had to head to Bill’s as Mason and Ava had school Monday morning. I love such family get-togethers but hate the sad feeling of parting again.

Today our winter’s showing it’s nearly over. We had sun and 42 degrees above zero.  Wow, did that feel great! Now puddles are forming all over the place, the snow has slid off the storage barn’s roof, and big icicles are falling off the south side of the house. While I was gone visiting Will hooked up our last charge controller so all nine of our solar panels were charging great today. The batteries were topped off full. — Jackie


  1. Grandma Jackie, so glad you got to come visit and spend much needed family time with all of us. We all love and miss you very much! Memphis said, “I love your grandma Jackie mom, she’s super cool!” Happy Feet, the turtle, is safely back in her tank and looks forward to your next visit. Blessings and squeezes until next time! XOXO

  2. So happy for you to have had this family time and that the weather cooperated to make the trip safely! Happy spring! Bring it on.

    • We always have so much fun when we are able to be together. And the stories we tell on each other…..

  3. Jackie, With us in Kansas, the son and family in Oregon and daughter and family in Illinois, plus all our siblings and their kids spread from coast to coast, I understand how you feel. I think the kids thought we would be coming out to see them more when we retired. But the farm is too demanding. An I don’t think I’d last too long living in the city. So like you we enjoy going to visit each one two or three time a year. And try to get them out to the farm at least once. But as the kids get older that gets harder to do. Spring seems to be finally coming to Kansas too. But we’re going through the mud season first. But with the snow gone you can see a little green in the wheat and bromegrass today. Time to get my peppers and cabbage started.

    • Yep, it’s harder when everyone is so stinking busy!!! Wow, green in the wheat and brome? We can’t even SEE the ground although some of the taller grass in the pasture is peeping out. Soon……

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