I just got back from having a great visit — 7 Comments

  1. Grandma Jackie, so glad you got to come visit and spend much needed family time with all of us. We all love and miss you very much! Memphis said, “I love your grandma Jackie mom, she’s super cool!” Happy Feet, the turtle, is safely back in her tank and looks forward to your next visit. Blessings and squeezes until next time! XOXO

  2. So happy for you to have had this family time and that the weather cooperated to make the trip safely! Happy spring! Bring it on.

    • We always have so much fun when we are able to be together. And the stories we tell on each other…..

  3. Jackie, With us in Kansas, the son and family in Oregon and daughter and family in Illinois, plus all our siblings and their kids spread from coast to coast, I understand how you feel. I think the kids thought we would be coming out to see them more when we retired. But the farm is too demanding. An I don’t think I’d last too long living in the city. So like you we enjoy going to visit each one two or three time a year. And try to get them out to the farm at least once. But as the kids get older that gets harder to do. Spring seems to be finally coming to Kansas too. But we’re going through the mud season first. But with the snow gone you can see a little green in the wheat and bromegrass today. Time to get my peppers and cabbage started.

    • Yep, it’s harder when everyone is so stinking busy!!! Wow, green in the wheat and brome? We can’t even SEE the ground although some of the taller grass in the pasture is peeping out. Soon……

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